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Focusing – a tool for self-care, resourcing and growth 

Offerings in June

As this unusual time continues you may be trying to adapt to a new situation, facing loss or living with the unknown. You may be re-evaluating how you live or work. Focusing can help with easing difficult feelings and provides an opportunity to explore how we can grow through them. Focusing helps us listen to the body’s knowing about how we are and what we need. This practice can be hugely resourcing and is something you can do with others for support whilst social contact is reduced.

I am offering a range of flexible options for support and exploration online in JUNE. The training groups are usually small, giving opportunity for more attention for each person. No experience necessary!

INTERESTED IN MY FOCUSING SKILLS CERTIFICATE COURSE? Take 3 mins to give your feedback on how it’s run (e.g. online/in person) for an opportunity to win £20 off a one to one Focusing session, Intro or Skills Certificate workshop. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8Y6CXWJ

Focusing in Client Work – Sat 13th June 2.30-4.30pm - £20

Get a personal taste of Focusing and an insight into how we can assist clients to deepen their experience in therapy using this practice. A Focusing approach can help to create an enhanced connection and sense of safety when working online. Explore when and when not to invite clients to work with the body. Learn about a of range of ways to take an embodied approach to therapy. 

Developing Authentic Confidence in your Career using Focusing – with Dr Anna Kane and Suzi Mackenzie - 12.30-2.30pm Thursday 4th June - early bird rate £30* (regular price £50) 

Want to feel more confident in your work? Want to get clearer what’s in the way and what can support your career growth? Want to grow your business and weather challenging times? Learn from Dr Anna Kane’s research, how tuning in to an embodied sense of key areas such as your competence, authenticity and connectedness can affect your confidence in your career. This is an experiential workshop, drawing on the practice of Focusing to guide you to connect with an embodied knowing of what you need. Dr Anna Kane is a Coaching Psychologist and Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She is literally a doctor of confidence! 

Three follow-on workshops in the series: 12.30-2pm 11th, 18th, 25th June - early bird rate £25* each session (regular price £40) 

In the rest of the series learn how your mindset either enhances or depreciates your confidence; how you can work with loss of confidence to come out feeling more confident; and how to recognise and make the most use of it when you are working with confidence. 

Places are limited, so book the complete series for an amazing £95 and avoid disappointment. Contact Suzi to book suzimac55@hotmail.com or Anna for any other questions anna@zestpsychology.com We look forward to seeing you! 

One to One Guided Focusing Sessions – by individual arrangement – usual fee £50*

Tailored to your individual needs, no experience necessary, and at a time to suit you. You may want one to one teaching to learn self-guided Focusing or to just sit back and be guided through the process for support, grounding and exploration. The Focusing process can be used to help you develop a kinder inner relationship and is a great way to explore a decision and invite positive change into your life.

*Fees are low as peoples’ financial circumstances may have been affected by Coronavirus, but further reductions may be possible, so do ask if the fee would be difficult for you. It may be possible to change times of sessions to accommodate attendance.


www.suzimackenzie.com/focusing-support-during-coronavirus  07851 086 396   suzimac55@hotmail.com

Suzi MackenzieBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor, Qualified Supervisor, BFA Certified Focusing Teacher
Introductory and Skills Certificate in Focusing courses. See www.suzimackenzie.com for dates and info

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